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Hey there! I’m Alyssa Parten, head strength coach and founder of Ladybeef Inc. I am a wife, mom, coach, competitive powerlifter, doctoral student, teacher, and researcher. Among my greatest passions in life is being there to guide, educate, and encourage others who want to improve their lives, health, and performance under the barbell. My approach to coaching my athletes is through developing a structured plan that meets them where they are, that fits their life, and helps them reach their goals. No one should feel destroyed or defeated in their efforts to achieve ultimate strength and performance, and I’m here to show you a way to love, enjoy, and succeed in powerlifting like never before.

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My Work

Outside of coaching my athletes, I have a passion for educating through pen and paper. Come check out some of my writing contributions and research to respected sources and journals.

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If you’re ready to take your strength and athletic performance to the next level with a dedicated coach, we've got you! Let’s create a sustainable approach in achieving your athletic & fitness goals – and beyond.

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Unsure where to start? Let's chat! Get in touch with one of our coaches and together decide the best plan of action for you.

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Learn how to elevate your coaching skills & enhance your athlete's results in 5 steps that are fundamental to the Ladybeef way!

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