Kayla Phillips, NASM-CPT, PN1

Hey there! My name is Kayla, assistant coach with Ladybeef Inc. I’m a Georgia native and Bama grad living in Birmingham, AL, with my husband Reed and our fur child Riley.

I’ve got a long, complicated history with body weight and image, fitness and training. If you want the extended version, let’s grab coffee sometime! But, in a nutshell, here it is:

During college, I gained quite a bit of weight and no longer recognized myself in the mirror by the time I graduated. Wedding dress shopping was the moment I decided to do something about it. I started running, joined a gym and downloaded some one-size fits all exercise guides. I didn't really enjoy it, but I slowly lost some of the weight. Shortly after I got married, I gained most of it back and felt more defeated than ever.

Eventually, I found a barbell and found a style of exercise and fitness that worked for me and helped me achieve sustainable results. Then, I found Alyssa and Ladybeef, and took those results to the next level. I felt strong. I felt confident in the gym and best of all, I felt confident in myself.

Having spent years of trial and error with trying to force other people’s approaches to fitness into my life, I know first hand how important it is to find an approach to training that works for you and is tailored to your needs—and I know how invaluable a coach is in that journey. That’s what led me to get my NASM Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certifications.

By day, I’m a healthcare communicator. My favorite part of my job is writing inspiring stories daily about the benefits of therapy and exercise for patients recovering from life-changing illnesses and injuries. My favorite of being a personal trainer is helping you write your own story of strength and confidence. Let’s get started!


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