Our Mission & Purpose

If we were to summarize the Ladybeef inc. coaching philosophy in one sentence, it would be, "We are a friend first and a coach second."

Beyond being professionals who prepare athletes for competitions and athletic growth, or individuals who set out to achieve personal health and fitness goals, we choose to also be their companion in life; teaching what we know, being there when the going gets tough, and sharing the good times and bad.

Ladybeef coaches see those who are under our wing as people before we see them as athletes or clients. By viewing them in this way we can be coaches who aren't solely hyper-focused on results but coaches attentive to the state of our friend's well-being.

Ladybeef inc. is not only here to design training programs - We strive to offer so much more to those who work with us, both in- and outside the weight room. While developing performance outcomes and physical attributes are imperative (and we do achieve both!), we also value taking what we have learned thus far in our own experiences and thorough education to improve the mental state, mindset, and confidence of athletes apart of Team Ladybeef. Ladybeef inc. also aims to cultivate a relationship and atmosphere that allows athletes and clients to feel welcome in asking their coach any question, whether it be the reason for specific exercises, the science behind something, our thinking process, etc. We also aspire to develop the self-sufficiency and independence of our athletes and clients with the continued growth of their own knowledge. We never want to keep what we've learned for ourselves, but instead use what we know and are continually learning to educate those who work with us, improving both their skills and understanding.

Knowledge is power, and isn’t that a fundamental quality coaches are aiming to develop?