Alyssa Parten, MS, CSCS

Researcher, Educator, Strength Coach

About Me

For the last decade, I have been a student and professional in the field of Exercise Science. Following my time at the University of Alabama earning my Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Nutrition, I spent 5 years establishing my career as a human movement specialist and strength coach. In 2019, I returned to academia to further my education and knowledge with a dual Master’s in Applied Exercise Science from Concordia University, an online degree program in Chicago. During this time, I developed 1) a passion for educating the public about the benefits of exercise, 2) for creating new knowledge through the research process, and 3) seeking opportunities of service amongst my colleagues to advance our field. This passion led me to apply to a doctoral program at the University of North Alabama. In the fall of 2021, I began my Ph.D. at UNA in Exercise Science and Health Promotion under the mentorship of Dr. Hunter Waldman. My area of research investigates the effects of resistance training on cardiometabolic health and performance, specifically in trained females.

In addition to currently earning my Ph.D., I continue to work as the head strength coach and content creator for my remote coaching business, Ladybeef Inc. I along with two other exceptional coaches guide our athletes in the pursuit of ultimate performance through attention to the small details and consistent execution, to reap resounding results in training and competition.

Once I complete my doctorate, I plan to become a full-time faculty member, professor of kinesiology, and exercise science researcher. I also plan to continue coaching athletes aspiring to level up their strength and competitive edge and increase Ladybeef Inc's reputation as a respected, credible, and successful coaching and educating business.

Professional Philosophy

I am a student, educator, and strength coach. I believe each of these "hats" complements one another to help me become the best I can be in each area. As a doctoral student, I am striving to research resistance trainings effects on cardiometabolic health & performance, as well as training strategies that can improve performance in my athletes and others alike. As a coach, I apply evidence-based practices by experimenting on my athletes and myself, to discover what is most practical and successful in improving markers of performance. With the education I have and continue to pursue, I seek to share with other students and coaches in a manner that is enjoyable, valuable, and applicable to their profession, knowledge, and selves. 

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity, inclusion, and equality are at the heart and forefront of any work and learning environment I am a part of.

It is my mission as an educator, researcher, and coach to cultivate an environment that welcomes people of every background and with any perspective, as well as, to celebrate each individual person, who they are, where they are from, and what they believe.

My classroom and courses will also always embrace adapting to ensure all students feel included and thoughtfully considered.

My commitment to upholding a diverse and inclusive community in my current and future classrooms, among my colleagues, in my coaching staff, and on Team Ladybeef is unwavering now and always. As I learn and develop as a professional, I will take the initiative and put in the effort to show my students, clients, and colleagues that I am an advocate for them.


Doctor of Philosophy

Exercise Science & Health Promotion

The University of North Alabama

Florence, AL

Anticipated Graduation Date: August 2024


Master of Science

Applied Exercise Science

Dual Concentration: Human Movement Science, Strength & Conditioning

Concordia University Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Graduation Date: December 2020


Bachelor of Science

Exercise and Sport Science

Concentrations: Fitness, Business, Health Promotion

Minor: Nutrition

The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL

Graduation Date: August 2014

Collaboration, Networking, & Leadership

Teaching Experience

Teaching Philosophy

At the core of my teaching philosophy are trust, fun, and critical thinking.

I desire to cultivate an environment in my classrooms where students are free to ask any questions they might have without feeling embarrassed to speak up. I also aspire to be an educator that can teach in a manner that is exciting, practical, and fun to learn, that is on my student's level, and helps them understand the fundamentals of exercise science not just for an exam, but for the rest of their career. Finally, I hope to instill in my students the ability to think for themselves, put their knowledge into practice, and critically consider what they're being taught and told.

I have been blessed to have had multiple teachers and mentors that made me feel safe to admit when I needed help. I want my students to have that feeling of safety and security in me, as well. To cultivate such a space and relationship, I will always be prepared and my best self in class. I will learn my students' names every semester and reach out personally when I notice they need encouragement or to discuss a topic one on one. I will approach every class session with the goal to create a fun learning experience that students can look back on, knowing what they learn will be applicable to them throughout their education and career.

University Teaching

HPE 175 Essentials of Healthy Living, Fall 2021

Lead Instructor. This course provides the student with instruction and experiences relative to the basic concepts of optimal health and wellness. Emphasis will be given to the emotional, psychological, sociological, and physiological factors within the environment that influence an individual's health and well-being. Part of the course will include laboratory experiences dealing with personalized individual assessments regarding wellness-related issues and the application of these results in a behavioral change plan.

HPE 353W Physiology of Exercise, Fall 2022

Lead Instructor. Emphasis on the effects of exercise on the anatomical structures and physiological functions in humans during acute and chronic physical activity. In addition to exercise responses, the impact of environmental conditions, dietary and nutritional ergogenics, basic energy system and its regulation, and training responses, considerations for specific populations including children, females, and the active aging adult will be covered.

HPE 225 Nutrition & Human Performance, Fall 2022

Co-Instructor. An introduction to the influence and relationship of basic nutrients to optimal healthy living as well as fitness and athletic performance.


Professional Affiliations

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) – 2014 to present

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), #000256454

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), #000256454

National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) – 2020 to present

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

United States of America Powerlifting Association (USAPL) – 2016 to present

Club Powerlifting Coach

State Referee

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) – 2020

Pelvic Restoration Course Certification

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – 2017

Level 1, “The Body Swing Collection” Certification

Precision Nutrition – 2019 to present

Level 1 Certification (PN1)

Brent Brookbush Institute – 2018 to present

Human Movement Specialist (HMS)

American Red Cross – 2013 to present

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Certified

Professional Development

IRB Panel Discussion, Fall 2021
How to be an Inclusive Educator, Spring 2022

Professional Service

Service to University of North Alabama

Service to College of Education and Human Sciences

UNA PhD Advisory Board – Fall 2021 to Fall 2022

Service to Department

Tutor for HPE-700, Research Methods – Fall 2021

Tutor for HPE-620, Intro to Statistics – Fall 2021

Student Advising – Fall 2021

Service to the Community

Central High School (Muscle Shoals, AL) Student Mock Interviews – Spring 2022

Service to Profession

Peer-Reviewed Journals

International Journal of Exercise Science

Reviewer; 2021 to Present

External Service

NSCA State Advisory Board

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Committee Member; Fall 2021 to Present

SEACSM Advisory Board

Southeast American College of Sport Medicine

Student Representative; Spring 2022 to Present

Career Experience

The University of North Alabama

Florence, AL

Graduate Assistant

Aug. 2021 – Present


Ladybeef Inc.

Birmingham, AL

Founder, Head Strength Coach

Jan. 2013 – Present

Research & Grants

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Parten, AL., & Herron, RL. (2021, May). Strength and conditioning for the roller derby athlete. Strength and Conditioning Journal. http://doi.org/10.1519/SSC.0000000000000652

Snarr, RL., Gallagher, CG., Childers, RI., & Parten, AL. (2021, May). ‘Pre-workout’ supplementation: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Personal Training Quarterly.

Manuscripts in Write-Up or Progress

Parten, AL. Barker, G, & Waldman, HS. The effects of an 8-week accommodating resistant training program on markers of performance in strength trained females. (In Write-up).

Parten, AL. Barker, G, & Waldman, HS. Post-activation potentiation is not enhanced in resistance-trained females, following 7-weeks of accommodating resistance training. (In Progress).

Waldman, HS, Parten, AL, Bryant, A, & McAllister, MJ. 4-weeks of Astaxanthin supplementation did not reduce markers of inflammation or muscle damage following an exercise induced muscle damage protocol. (In Submission).

Non-Refereed Publications

Parten, AL. (2020, September). Exercise considerations for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. https://www.wellthoughts.org/exercise-considerations-for-individuals-with-rheumatoid-arthritis/

Parten, AL. (2020, July). Sports performance: 8 reasons to train athletes. https://blog.nasm.org/sports-performance-training

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Parten, A. (2019, September). The jemison gym. Mountain Brook Magazine, p. 52-58.

Parten, A. (2019, September). Future of fitness. Oxygen Magazine, p. 120.

Parten, A. (2019, July). Inner workings. Oxygen Magazine, p. 17. https://www.oxygenmag.com/workouts/5-thigh-warm-up-exercises

Intramural Research Fundings

The effects of an 8-week accommodating resistant training program on markers of performance in strength-trained females. Parten, AL. Waldman, HS. (2022). UNA COEHS Graduate Student Research Grant. $650.00. (Accepted).

Laboratory Experience

Phlebotomy trained

Resistance training program design

Maximal aerobic and anaerobic testing

1-repetition maximum testing (back squat, bench press)

Capillary blood analysis

Collection of resting and exercising cardiorespiratory and metabolic markers

Educational Presentations

Professional Organization Oral Presentations

Parten, AL. The performance-based mindset. Recovery Redefined. Birmingham, AL (June 2022).

Parten, AL., Herron, RL. Utilization of different periodization models during off-season strength and conditioning programs. Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Spring Meeting (ASAHPERD). Gulf Shores, AL (November 2020).

Parten, AL. Start once, stay forever: the process of achieving and sustaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Greystone Golf and Country Club, Birmingham, AL. (March 2020).

Professional Association Poster Presentations

Parten, AL., Waldman, HS. The effects of an 8-week accommodating resistant training program on markers of performance in strength trained females. Southeast American College of Sport Medicine (SEACSM) Regional Conference. Greenville, NC (February 2022).

Grozier, C., Parten AL., Simpson J., Waldman H., Rendos N., Hoon K., & Harry J. Center of mass dynamics and performance of vertical hopping in females with chronic ankle instability. Southeast American College of Sport Medicine (SEACSM) Regional Conference. Greenville, NC (February 2022).

University Level Oral Presentations

Parten, AL., Waldman, HS. The effects of an 8-week accommodating resistant training program on markers of performance in strength trained females. University of North Alabama, Research & Reunion. Florence, AL (October 2021).

Parten, AL. Developing a conjugate method program. University of Alabama Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. (class room presentation, March 2020).

Parten, AL. Balancing school and health. University of Alabama Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. (class room presentation, February 2020).

Podcast Appearances

Reuter, B. & Parten, A. (Hosts). (2022, March). Strength and conditioning for the roller derby athlete [Audio podcast episode]. Strength and Conditioning Journal Podcast.

Nguyen, L. & Parten, A. (Hosts). (2022, January). Strength training for women with Alyssa Parten (No. 23) [Audio podcast episode]. Wheelhouse Radio.

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