5 Steps to Elevate your coaching skills & enhance your athletes results

By Alyssa Parten, MS, CSCS, Founder of Ladybeef Inc.


what you will learn through this workshop


How the small details of our program design, & coaching methods make the largest difference over time



How to implement systems that make executing the plan as easy as possible on your clients



That when we pay attention to the small details & make executing the plan easy & fun, our clients will enjoy the process, be more likely to stay consistent, & see results in return

It is my hope that after having watched this workshop, you take from it greater confidence in your methods and strategies as a coach! There are a hundred different ways you can help your clients reach their potential, so remember as you watch that my way doesn't have to be your way.

Your clients trust YOU! And as long as you trust YOURSELF & have their buy-in, then that alone is more valuable than the best-written program out there!

You are a phenomenal coach already. So use this workshop as another way to add to your knowledge, expertise, and tools under your belt.